What is IQ testing and intelligence?

Intelligence: The ability to acquire and apply knowledge. When looking at intelligence many look for smarts and application of knowledge.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Testing: The testing of intelligence and looking for how much knowledge can be applied in a given setting. These tests are designed to look for human intelligence.

Today, IQ tests mainly assess the intellectual skills an individual has. Many of the jobs today are looking for people who are innovative, creative and can work collaboratively, which current IQ tests are unable to assess. Although these tests do a good job of assessing a few main subjects, it is some what ineffective in the way it evaluates an individual. Our key point is to reach future educators and better inform them about intelligence and IQ testing.  Click here to read a brief summary of all the links.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
― Albert Einstein

Fish1 copy                     newfish

You are sitting in a room, with others, they could be students or future colleagues. The instructor is at the front of the room reading directions out of a packet. You are at a desk with two number two pencils on your left and a calculator to your right. The test is about to start and the instructor reads “You may begin…”.  As you open the first page there is a reading passage, as the test taker, you are asked to read the passage and answer questions for understanding, fix spelling and correct sentences. After completing the first section there is a math portion with an abundance of questions on algebra, geometry and basic calculations such as addition. When this section is complete you have to write a response to a question. The purpose of these tests are to let others know your overall intelligence.

This scene gives a general idea of how one would feel while taking an IQ test.  These tests originated in 1900 from Francis Galton.  Over the years IQ testing methods have changed and adapted to the growing knowledge of intelligence.